Senate “Won’t Be Taken For Fools” by Federal Budget

John Madigan accuses Tony Abbott of ‘bludgeoning’ crossbenchers to support budget measures.

Democratic Labor Party Senator John Madigan has told the Abbott government to “stop using families as punching bags” and has challenged the PM that if he’s really serious about fixing this nation, then he should start proper dialogue with crossbenchers.

“I challenge the government tonight: if you are serious about getting the nation back on track, then begin dialogue with the crossbench,”

“Stop using families as a punching bag. Let’s have a meeting. Let’s sit down and discuss common ground more than just a couple of days out from when we are expected to vote on legislation.”

Madigan will be sharing the balance of power when the Senate changes over next week (1st July) and has warned the Abbott government and its senior ministers that the Senate “..won’t be bludgeoned, we won’t be hijacked, we won’t be taken for fools.”

The attack on the governments approach to its Federal Budget negotiations were centred on a number of contested issues including the GP co-payment, university fees, and unemployment benefit restrictions.

The Australian people want the supply/appropriation Bills to be blocked and therefore force the government to go to a new election.

The government will need the support of six of the eight crossbenchers to get its Budget measures passed, although the actual process can take quite some time with PM Tony Abbott indicating ”We may not get it through the first time or even the second time but I think we will get it through.” (The Age 25 June 2014)

The hundreds of protests and rallies we’ve seen erupt Australia-wide, the strong societal opposition, and the announcement of the Labor party, the Greens, and the Palmer United Party that they will block parts of the Budget in the Senate allude to a greater certainty of an Abbott defeat.

It is far too soon to speculate the outcome of this Budget, but if the opposition of the Senate remains as strong as it appears to be then we may be looking at a long drawn-out process for these reforms to take place, if they are to take place.

If the Budget passes and is implemented, it will have horrendous implications on the Australian nation. All major aspects such as Health, Education, and Jobs will be severely impacted and further divide the gap between the rich and the poor.

We need a committed government that puts its people, jobs, rights, and the environment ahead of greedy corporate giants.

This announcement that the Senate is set to Block parts of the Budget may come as a small positive action toward protecting the nation from the unfair and damaging aspects of the proposed political reforms, yet only time can tell if victory over the Abbott government is within the Australian public’s reach.

What do you think? Should the Senate block the Budget, and if so, what kind of impact do you think it will have?


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