YCW National Update: Bishop Justin Bianchini’s Golden Jubilee


Congratulations! Bishop Justin Bianchini celebrates Golden Jubilee of ordination to the priesthood on June 29. Image: Yahoo! News (aus)

All members, volunteers, and supporters of the YCW and YCS would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Bishop Justin Bianchini of Geraldton Diocese WA, who recently celebrated his Golden Jubilee – 50 years in the priesthood.

Bishop Bianchini has been a supportive friend and partner to the AYCW and Young Christian Students movements, having contributed his time and passion to a number of campaigns and attending national councils including the YCWs national ‘Worth Working For; Security and Dignity in Life‘ campaign.

Bishop Bianchini was ordained on June 29, 1964, by Cardinal Joseph Siri in Genoa, Italy. He notes Pope Francis as inspiring his enthusiasm and faith, and says that it has been both a privilege and joy to “be an instrument for good” in God’s hands in his 50 years of spiritual leadership.

Bishop Bianchini celebrated this milestone at Geraldton’s St Francis Xavier Cathedral together with fellow clergy members, family, and friends.

Speaking to The Record he said “If it wasn’t for the fact of my parents who… gave their lives to God, as did my family and the many people God put around me, I would never have been in the position to give my life to God for his people.”

Bishop Bianchini’s passion and dedication to the service and compassion of every person he’s touched is a reflection of this wonderful acknowledgment and is a testament to a man whose faith has touched and inspired many.

Printed on his Jubilee card is a prayer that I’d like to share-

Yours Son Jesus said:
“The harvest is rich but
the labourers are few,
so ask the Lord of the
harvest to send labourers
into His harvest.”
We all rejoice in the call
of our Baptism to be
workers in your vineyard.
Continue to enrich your
people with generous
Priests and Religious.
Help us to grow in your
service in our own
particular Vocation, be it
Married, Single, Religious
or Priest.
And let us support each
other lovingly.

Let’s draw our inspiration and enthusiasm to continue to serve and enlighten others with the same purpose and passion as made appreciable by Bishop Justin Bianchini.




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