YCW National Update


Parramatta YCW held a leadership training program inspiring young leaders to take action in their local groups using the ROLWA methodology.

July has been a busy month for the YCW!

Parramatta YCW held their “Worth More Than Gold” leadership training program, inspiring young leaders to take action in their local groups by using the See, Judge, Act method. The weekend was a fantastic success; forging new friendships, forming new groups, and inspiring all to live out their faith through Action! For more info on Parramatta YCW, or if you wish to become involved, please contact Elizabeth McFarlane at elizabeth.mcfarlane@ycw.org.au.


National President Bridget Flood will be spending time in Armidale diocese to continue building the YCW movement there and to meet with members and address work life balance. The Armidale YCW is doing really well, and we hope to expand our movement there and inspire the formation of new groups.

Adelaide YCW is going strong in the Salisbury Parish, and is excited to be starting a new group in Elizabeth’s Parish as well as a book club! For more information on the Adelaide YCW, please contact Jennifer Robinson at jennifer.robinson@ycw.org.au.

Perth YCW is continuing with building the base of their diocese with three groups meeting now in Subiacco, Baldivas, and Highgate. If you would like to become involved with the weekly discussion nights in any one of these groups, or wish to become involved in the Perth YCW, please contact treasurer@ycw.org.au.

Townsville YCW will be holding their YCW Reunion this Saturday (26th) for ex-members to come together and reminisce the past of YCW and look to the future of the YCW and the exciting changes to come! For more info on the night please click here, or contact the YCW National President Bridget Flood at bridget.flood@ycw.org.au.

Melbourne YCW also has a lot to look forward to with their Asylum Seeker & Refugee Dinner and Discussion Nights, commencing next Wednesday (30th). These nights will aim to educate and empower young people to serve and represent asylum seekers and refugees through friendly discussion, the exploration of the politics surrounding the issue of asylum seekers/refugees, and the introduction of guest speakers who will help give insight into the experiences of a refugee and how we can make a positive impact on those seeking asylum. For more info on the Asylum Seeker & Refugee Dinner and Discussion Nights, please click here. Or alternatively, contact Karen Luzan at karen.luzan@ycw.org.au.

In other YCW news, the Melbourne YCW is excited to introduce their newest member to the team, Marie Blyth! Marie will be the YCW’s wonderful Event Coordinator who will be helping organise and implement all YCW events on a national level. Marie can be contacted at events@ycw.org.au or at the Melbourne YCW office on 03 9489 4387.

We also are delighted to welcome Dom and Elena to the Perth YCW team!

318907_399712993430551_1005765323_nThe YCW will also like to encourage anyone who has a worker’s story, an article to contribute, or even a topic that they would like to see covered on the Blog, to contact me, the YCW Editor at editor@ycw.org.au.

If you wish to receive the weekly YCW e-newsletter then please email info@ycw.org.au or inbox us on Facebook with your name and email address.

sge And, if you haven’t already heard the news, the Australian Young Christian Workers are now on Instagram! Be sure to follow us through @australiaYCW and share your pictures with us using the #aycw hashtag.








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2 Responses to YCW National Update

  1. lisanreg@bigpond.net.au says:

    I am impressed.

    Good luck


  2. Julie says:

    It sounds so busy… LOL

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