Inspiring Social Action In Young People


Young people who are actively engaged in social issues, and are inspired to address and bring about social change are they key to a bountiful community and future. As young people, being equipped with the desire for social action, or the practical action in the service of others, is the key to long-term change.

The AYCW are a movement run by, and for, young people; with the desire to inspire positive change in their lives and community.

In order to inspire young people to take action in their lives and the lives of others, we need to address the framework needed to enhance and instill the values and understanding of youth social action.

If more young people are engaged in social issues relating to their lives and wider communities, then we’ll be able to bring the necessary positive changes to existing societal issues.

What is the definition of youth social action?

Youth social action is the term given to young people taking action in the service of others in order to benefit those in their community as well as their own lives.

Through social action, young people can uncover their deeper meanings and lead a just and meaningful life.

What are the benefits of youth social action?

As a young person inspiring and driving positive and practical change in your life or community, the benefits are endless; an individual will become more optimistic, find self-confidence, obtain emotional intelligence, develop leadership skills, be able to effectively manage emotions and relationships, and obtain higher meanings in their lives.

The important features of social action in young people also include:

– The ability for young people to actively engage in their communities and address issues that are important to them

– The opportunity to build and forge friendships and connections with people of different ages, backgrounds, and beliefs

The postive outcomes of social action on the wider community include:

– A more politically aware and engaged community

– Better health

– Safer communities

– Increased cicvic participation

– Ability to adress pressing issues such as employability and education

– A higher sense of community

What issues can we address as young people?

Social issues which we can actively engage with and pursue are dependant on issues which effect us directly as an individual, or as a community (both local and national). Issues we explore at the YCW for example, insclude:

-Political issues (e.g. the government’s attitude and policy toward “boat people” or the Federal Budget)

– Environmental issues

– Asylum Seekers & Refugees

– Homelessness

– Job security and the right to just and meaningful work

What can we do as young people to inspire social change in others?

To help young people and youth-centric organisations such as the AYCW to become involved in social action for change, we need to help young people become aware that they are the solution to any problem society faces.

Many actions can be taken to help employ and foster social change and action among young people:

– Better education through workshops focusing on social issues.

– Improving young people’s employability readiness and desire to pursue education as a means of developing skill-sets and opening opportunities for engagement.

– More inclusion in local community groups. Social action opportunities are often not promoted in community groups or youth culture, as a lot of young people feel that they are not recognised by society or that their voice won’t be heard. As young people we need to come up with actions to address this.

– A higher engagment of social media interaction and promotion, and the encouragment for young people to voice their opinions and concerns.

– Inspire social action in local schools, community groups, and sporting organisations.

– Inspire a more youth-centric culture which celebrates social action through publicity, social media, TV celebrations, and youth-focused organisations.

* * * *

Inspiring youth social action is important in enhancing the life experience of young people and the communities they touch. Through action, young people can dream up and implement practical ways to better their communities and wider issues, as well as inspire others to do the same.


To see what your local YCW diocesan are doing in regards to social action in your community, visit the YCW Local Movements page.

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