What Do You Do When You Are Faced With A Difficult Decision

image-DecisionMaking-523x324When faced with a tough or difficult decision in life, often you can find yourself feeling paralysed or powerless.

When you are having to make important life choices under pressure or when stressed, sometimes you may question your own rationale and begin to worry that you may end up regretting your final decision.

Making decisions is an important and major part of being a human; deciding on what education you should receive, or what career path you should take, or whether you should get married, have children, etc. etc.

Oftentimes decisions can be the mark of a turning point in your life, especially if they directly affect your current way of living.

For example, you may be finishing school and have to decide whether to continue your education or get a job. Either way, your current life path will be altered and it means having to adjust.

Sometimes this adjustment can be extremely stressful. Dealing with change is often what we fear most when we’re faced with making a decision.

But decisions don’t always have to be “make or break”.  Taking an ethical approach to decision making can be a very good option in ensuring that you make the best decision based on your values, belief’s, and Gods will.

In order to begin the process of ethical decision making, when you’re faced with a tough decision (whether that is in relation to your family, work, or personal circumstance) ask yourself, “where do I stand on this issue?“.

Think hard about what your beliefs say. People often talk about ‘human intuition’, how we often make decisions based on ‘a feeling’ or ‘a sense’. Perhaps this is God speaking to us, or some uncovered wisdom embodied in the deepest part of ourselves. Whatever the case, being attuned to this can really help us in making the ‘right’ decision. Right meaning that it is aligned with our core beliefs and what we feel is best – and ethical – for us.

Some suggestions in making tough decisions based on ethical decision-making:

– Identify the issue or core issues involved.

– Become aware of the facts. Make sure that as much rationale is used when making a decision which may have an impact on your life.

– List the values at stake. If you are making the decision to enter a Degree in Science based upon somebody else’s wish for you (maybe your parents or friends) despite it not being in line with your values or wants, then it’s perhaps wise to think about whether it’s worth putting these values at stake for the sake of pleasing others. 

– Examine all possible outcomes of your decision.

-Base your decision on what best caters to your values, core beliefs, and principles.

Ethical decision-making can also be summed up as “ethics of doing”. This simply means that our focus when it comes to decision-making should be on what we do and how we decide what to, or what not to, do. This ultimate decision reflects our own values and principles.

Do the right thing!

Generally, making decisions aren’t complex. Most of the time they are clear-cut and right there in your face. If you base all your decisions on ‘doing the right thing’ then you have no need to worry. Asking “what is the right thing for me?” or “what is the right way of handling this?” will open you up to an ethical and value-based outcome based on courage and integrity.

Ethics can be a complex area, as it is directly concerned with the kind of person we are. A lot of times what is right to us isn’t necessarily right to someone else, and therefore it can be difficult to choose the best possible outcome without favouring or sacrificing one or the other.

Ethics is about right and wrong in terms of human conduct. They offer us guidance which is in line with values and action. The decisions we make – whether it’s big or miniscule – can be so fundamental that they will change or shape your life and the person that you become.

By living up to your own value system, you can be sure that whatever decision you make will be what’s best for you in the long-run.

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