Majority Of Australians Support Indigenous Constitutional Recognition


An Aboriginal performer stands in front of an Australian flag. Image:

Survey reveals that if a poll was held today, three out of four voters would support recognising Indigenous Australians in the constitution.

This is wonderful news for supporters of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and the advocacy group responsible for the major push in having our Indigenous peoples rightly recognised and included in the Australian constitution.

RECOGNISE is the people’s movement to recognise the rights of Indigenous Australians and to stop discrimination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The movement has released a poll which was conducted by Polity Research of 2,700 voters, and found that 75% of those surveyed would embrace constitutional recognition of Indigenous people and would vote ‘yes’ if a referendum was held now.

To be successful the referendum would need an overall majority across the country and backing in the majority of states.

Recognise joint campaign director Tanya Hosch said the poll should spur Mr Abbott to name a date for the promised bipartisan consultations.

“This confirms that when you ask them to make this decision in a democratic vote, our fellow Australians are prepared to say yes in the sort of overwhelming numbers that would absolutely carry this referendum,” she said.

Ms Hosch said that traditionally, conservative voters were less inclined to support changes to the constitution.

But the poll found 67 per cent of Coalition voters would back the changes in this case. The poll also revealed that higher amounts of support were recorded in regional and rural areas.

Tony Abbott has indicated he would hold a referendum in 2017 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders being counted in the census.

This Wednesday marks the 48th anniversary, giving the government two years to formulate the question it will take to the electorate.

The areas of interest include the inclusion of clauses which acknowledges Indigenous people in the preamble of the founding document, and the removal of clauses which make it legal to discriminate against race.

The long-awaited final report on constitutional recognition by the joint parliamentary committee is due to be handed down later this month.

Let’s Act Now To RECOGNISE Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Get involved with the RECOGNISE movement by clicking this link.

There are many ways that you can get on board and use the See, Judge and Act methodology to help shape the future of the issue of Aboriginal rights.

See what is happening in your local community. Are there any events taking place of which you can become involved?

Walk As One

Take the path to justice. Join Caritas Australia and Walk As One in solidarity with Indigenous communities to achieve a more just world.

National Reconciliation Week

“It’s time to change it up!” – Get involved with Reconciliation Australia and sign up to take part in a number of activities aimed at supporting Indigenous rights and recognition for the upcoming National Reconciliation Week 27 May to June 3. Don’t forget to share your NRW events and experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #NRW2015

Close The Gap

St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe event

Sign the Close The Gap Pledge with Oxfam Australia and help to achieve Indigenous health equality.


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