Brains Can Have A Mind Of Their Own: The New Campaign For Young People & Mental Health

Beyondblue has just launched their new campaign to help encourage young people who are experiencing depression or anxiety to take action.

The new campaign, ‘brains can have a mind of their own‘, has been rolled out on social media, websites and apps this past week depicting animated ads that feature an annoying brain character that shows the struggles of young people experiencing limiting thoughts and emotions.

It comes after a new survey revealing that four out of five Australian teenagers think people their age do not seek support for mental health issues out of fear of what others may think.

The survey of 600 teenagers aged 13 to 17, commissioned by beyondblue, also found that two out of five respondents thought their peers might not seek support because they believe nothing could help them.

The campaign also encourages young people to visit the youthbeyondblue page and complete the ‘brain quiz’ that will assess their mental health and direct them to sources available to help them with support.

beyondblue Chairman The Hon. Jeff Kennett AC said this campaign is desperately needed to break down the embarrassment that prevents too many young people from seeking support when they need it.

“It’s a shocking fact that suicide remains the biggest killer of young Australians every year. The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that in 2013, we lost 350 young people aged between 15 and 24 to suicide. This is nearly one death a day, and around double the number of young people who died as drivers or passengers in car accidents. Further research suggests that three in four mental health conditions emerge by age 24 and half emerge as early as age 14.

“Unfortunately, too many young people hesitate to speak up when they are struggling, often because they are worried how others will perceive them. This campaign aims to show teenagers that experiencing depression or anxiety doesn’t mean they are weak or weird, it simply means that their mind is giving them a hard time, but there’s something they can do about it. The information on can help young people look after their mental health or seek support if they are struggling,”

“Being a teenager is challenging enough without having to struggle with mental health issues. It’s important for young people (and those around them) to consider their mental health, because having good mental health will make it easier for them to get on with growing up and be resilient as they navigate life into adulthood.”

 Find out more about the campaign on the beyondblue website.

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