Young Job Seekers Urged To “Sell Themselves” On Social Media

Miss-Nettiquette-self-promotionA leading British charity has warned that the failure of young people to use social media in order to mark achievements and self-promote is putting them on a huge disadvantage in today’s competitive job market.

Their failure to “sell themselves” on applications such as Twitter and Facebook is switching off would-be employers and comes despite managing their online profiles for over an hour every day, warns the Brathay Trust, which works with disadvantaged young people.

New research has found that more employers now than ever are looking at the online accounts of its job applicants in order to gauge whether they’d be a good fit for their company (many of us are changing our privacy settings, stat!)

“It is a great medium for people looking for promotion or a new job to enhance their career,” said the young people’s development charity’s chief executive, Godfrey Owen. “But social self-selling isn’t just about talking about qualifications and experience,” he added. “It is also vital to include soft skills such as volunteering, leadership, coaching or mentoring on CVs and on profiles.”

According to the Global Web Index, the majority of us have five social media accounts which combined, takes up about 28% of our days. The leaders of this study therefore encourages all job seekers to use the time to ‘talk yourself up’ and make sure that you list all of your experience and qualifications in the relevant fields on your Facebook account, making sure that it is up to date. People are also urged to ibclude links to any of their individual websites, Blogs, work or projects on their social media profiles.

“It’s probably best if you keep the holiday photos from Magaluf off your profile,” he said. “But if you can show people you have many strings to your bow, there’s no harm in it at all.”

Self-editing and making sure that you avoided overt bragging were important,  Mr Owen said, adding that “ultimately employers want well-rounded individuals who have a good work-life balance.”

How many of you self-promote on social media?

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