AYCW National Update: ROLWA Gathering 17-20 July


Key leaders of the Australian YCW will be gathering in Galston Gorge NSW for the 2015 AYCW ROLWA gathering this weekend, 17 – 20 July.

The leaders will represent the Archdiocese from Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and the dioceses of Parramatta, Armidale and Townsville.

Members and friends of the movement were engaged to further develop our 2014-16 National Campaign Work Culture: Our Space in the Workplace.

We have gathered stories of young workers in relation to their experiences of work culture, and ultimately completed the ‘SEE’ section of the ‘See, Judge, Act’ method of our campaign. These stories will help frame the ‘JUDGE’ section of our National Campaign and allow us develop actions to Serve, Educate and Represent young people.

In conjunction with the gathering, there will be a retreat aspect to the event. Our National Chaplain Sr. Judith Foster will facilitate the retreat with the key leaders with a particular focus of the Spirituality of Cardijn.

Check out the blog next week to find out what our leaders get up to and the direction the campaign is heading.

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One Response to AYCW National Update: ROLWA Gathering 17-20 July

  1. Reg Neil says:

    Good luck and best wishes

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