A New Plan To Help Young People Find A Job

1394824356000-hire-me-looking-for-a-job-genericThe Abbott Government ministers have called for a new job program on Tuesday, four months after the $331 million Youth Employment Strategy was announced in the Budget.

The program is aimed to help equip young people with the skills necessary to land a job, including how to dress for a job interview and how to write a CV.

Assistant Minister for Employment Luke Hartsuyker said a recent survey from the Department of Employment found that more than a third of employers believed that the best thing a young person could do to improve their prospects of getting a job is to improve their attitude.

“Many young people lack the very basic skills on how to conduct themselves in the workplace,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

“Transition to Work will address this issue among a range of other issues to ensure that our young people are as work ready as possible.”

Mr Hartsuyker said the service would address youth unemployment through funding providers in all 51 employment regions in Australia.

The ‘Transition to Work’ program is set to be introduced in 2016 and put in place for organisations that will be selected on the basis of their track record with youth in the workplace, their plan to implement the service and their links to community organisations.

Despite the Abbott Government believing the new programme will greatly assist skill development in young job seekers, Labor’s employment spokesman Brendan O’Connor rejected the programme as a fix to youth unemployment.

“The government should not have cut Labor’s successful youth unemployment programs,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Youth unemployment has risen since the Budget, with nearly 300,000 young people unemployed.”

Greens Senator and spokesperson on Community Services Rachel Siewert said the new program is a step in the right direction but believes the Federal Government is sending mixed messages to young people.

“It is conflicting and bizarre to move towards supporting young people into long-term employment with Transition to Work whilst attempting to push through legislation this week that will entrench disadvantage,” Ms Siewert said in reference to the government’s plan have under 25-year-olds wait a month before accessing welfare payments.

The program falls under the Youth Employment Strategy under the new Budget, which also includes:

* $106 million for innovative programmes to help young job seekers at high risk of unemployment such as those with a mental illness or young refugees and migrants; and

* $14 million to ensure early school leavers are engaged in study or work.

Read more about the Budget and how it will affect you, here

Source: SBS


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