National Update: Perth YCW Social Night

The Perth YCW had a social gathering for the YCW community on Saturday the 5th of September.

The ‘Social Games Night’ saw many YCW members – new and old – be united from all around Perth.

Mentors, workers, old members, new members and people who had never heard about YCW before came together in the spirit of competition to battle it out in a series of social games!

Participants were tested in four categories; quizzing ability, agility, intelligence and artistic talent.

It was a great opportunity for the Perth community to be introduced to the new YCW worker, while having fun and forging relationships in the spirit of Cardijn.

From Pictionary to spelling bees to quiz rounds to keeping feathers up in the air, it was a great night where fun was had by all.

It was a wonderful opportunity for current members to be able to meet other YCW members from across Perth as well as to educate people who had never heard of the YCW movement before, and who are interested in becoming involved.

“The idea of a YCW group is to try and do something about social justice issues. It starts with problems in our workplaces – hence the name – but it can be anything from work, to studying, to relationships, to refugees, to homelessness.
The aim is to basically become a group of friends that discusses in light of their beliefs and values these things and try to do something about them, together.”

Perth is looking forward to a vibrant and busy few months left in the year with discussion nights planned on topics such as refugees and homelessness, as well as a Christmas dinner to mark the end of the year.

Perth has a number of local YCW groups still going strong, including Baldivis and Victoria Park, and welcomes newly starting groups, those in Balcatta and the northern suburbs.

The Perth community welcomes new members who are interested in finding out how to get involved.

Keep up to date with future AYCW events by following the Australian Young Christian Workers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our Website.

For further information on how to get involved with Perth YCW, please email Ashley on

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