Study Reveals Workers Fear Their Bosses

fear-of-bossAustralian workers are in fear of their bosses, with more than a quarter of staff admitting that they cannot trust their boss.

The new study has revealed that Australian workplaces are plagued by a toxic culture, with employees worried about raising problems or concerns for fear of being penalised or fired.

The “Work in Evolution” report, which interviewed more than 1000 employees and 300 employers across the country found that 28 percent of staff did not trust their manager and that 27.7 percent of workers felt they could not raise issues without “recrimination”.

Professor Andrew Stewart, a workplace relations expert from the University of Adelaide, said that trust is essential for workplace productivity.

“It makes a massive difference. Productivity lies in their attitude, the effort they put in and that happens in any situation where there can be discretionary effort,” he said.

Prof Stewart said managers needed to upskill in order to get the best out of their staff.

“Quality of management is a problem in Australia, it must be improved. That’s far more worthwhile than changing our workplace laws.”

Bosses said they would be willing to have staff work remotely, with more than 70 percent saying they wpuld let staff take that opportunity. But only 56.4 percent of workers said they believed their bosses would allow them to work at home to improve their work-life balance.

The study also revealed that ‘open-plan offices’ are detrimental to workplace productivity, with workers saying such work spaces make it harder to get jobs done.


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