AYCW National Update: Perth YCW

12226887_1624186507845915_884798087_nPerth YCW Update

YCW members from Perth recently participated in the Catholic Youth Ministry and Respect Life Office Quiz Night on the 7th of November. Perth YCW had two tables present on the night. In the spirit of friendly competition, the two teams endeavoured to beat one another and finish higher on the leader board. In the end the ‘Baldivis’ table won by 2 points, though still not the top of the leader board. However, despite not winning the overall prize, Perth YCW members were very lucky on the night and were the recipients of many small and large raffle prizes.

The National Secretary, Eliza, was fortunately on an AYCW visitation in Perth at the time and blessed Perth with her company during the quiz, becoming a valued contributor to the group. Overall it was a really great night and much fun was had by all of Perth YCW and everyone else there on the night. The night was fundraising for the Catholic Youth Ministry 2015 ‘Embrace the Grace’ retreat, which many YCW members from Perth wish to attend in early December.

In general YCW Perth has had an exciting few months, expanding into the northern suburbs of Perth, a new group having been formed at Balcatta Parish. Perth YCW look forward to their next discussion night on the 26th of November on the topic of homelessness, as well as a Christmas dinner on the 18th of December and for the Action Party in 2016!

IMG_9988 12212510_1624186481179251_361305484_n

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