Myer Worker Sacked After Speaking Out About Exploitation


Sacked Myer cleaner Rafael Colobon

A cleaner who blew the whistle on an exploitation scandal at retail giant Myer has been sacked.

Rafael Colobon, the source behind an ABC 7.30 investigation into alleged “sham contracting” at Myer, was fired on Friday.

His claims included workers being paid below the award rate, denied penalty rates and superannuation, and working without Work Cover insurance.

Mr Colobon gave an interview to 7.30 in which he was not identified, claiming unfair conditions at INCI Corp, which operates cleaning services for Myer around the country via its cleaning contractor Spotless.

Mr Colobon said he had been the target of unfair treatment since it was discovered he had approached 7.30 about his situation.

His payments from INCI immediately ceased, and last week he was given two written warnings and a demand to attend a meeting at the company’s office.

“They say I’m getting to work late, they’re saying I haven’t cleaned everything, or not at all,” he said.

“Lots of things that aren’t true at all.”

For the full 7:30 Report transcript and video, click here.

Sign The Petition To #ReinstateRaf

“A few weeks ago I was on ABC1’s 7:30 program talking about how cleaners are being exploited at Myer. The ABC had to hide my face and my voice – because we were on ABN numbers so we could lose our jobs at any time

“Tonight I’ll be on the 7:30 program again. Why? Because I was sacked for speaking out.”

Will you sign my petition and help me get my job back? Then tune in to watch me on the 7:30 program on ABC1 tonight!


In my three months working into the night while cleaning Myer Melbourne I was underpaid at least $7,000. I got no sick leave or holidays, no weekend rates, and no super. That’s a lot of money for a student like me. You can hear my story tonight on the 7:30 program.

I came here from Colombia to study. I’d heard Australia was the land of the fair go, where people are free to join a union and stand up for your rights.

Is that true? I hope so. But I think it will take all of us coming together to defend this basic right.

Tell Myer to ensure ALL Myer cleaners have secure jobs, fair pay and can speak out

I rely on my job to pay my rent and my bills, and buy my food. I don’t know what I’ll do now. I have no income. I may need to return to Colombia without completing my studies.

I want my job back. And I want Myer to take responsibility for people being exploited while working hard to keep its stores clean.

Please tell Myer to insist I am reinstated and ensure ALL Myer cleaners have decent secure jobs and can speak out without fear of losing our jobs.

Thank you,

Rafael Colobon

Sacked Myer cleaner
Proud United Voice member

P.S. After you’ve signed my petition, please SHARE my petition so your friends can sign it too! Let’s tell Myer to respect its cleaners!

United Voice Victoria


The online petition to #ReinstateRaf can be found here

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