YCW National Update: Perth YCW


The Perth Young Christian Workers community has experienced a rejuvenation of spirit in its commitment to spreading and upholding the methodology of the movement.

The message and way of life of Joseph Cardijn, the founder of Young Christian Workers (YCW), has continued to resonate with so many new YCW members and the wider Perth community in this year of mercy. Lauren Italiano, one of the leaders at the Notre Dame review group described YCW as the “impetus to go that further step and act on my beliefs. When I can see that something is wrong and needs to be changed it is much easier to help as part of a like-minded team.”

2016 has seen a high Perth attendance at national YCW events, the continuous presence of YCW groups in Baldivis and Balcatta, regular discussion nights, volunteer initiatives and the creation of a new local group at the University of Notre Dame.

With 17 Perth attendees at the national action party held on Phillip Island Perth had the highest number of participants than any other local YCW group. Esther Power, an attendee at the national retreat described it as having “provided the younger generation an opportunity for reflection and discussion. With new friendships formed and feeling reinvigorated in the Catholic faith, the Perth crew returned home.”

Perth YCW leaders had the opportunity to share their passion for the YCW movement at the Veritas youth conference held in the Perth archdiocese. It was through the YCW stall at the Saturday super sesh and the workshop on ‘how to stressless’ that the Catholic community had the opportunity to see what YCW is all about. Other events that have been open to the wider public include two discussion nights. The first discussion night was led by Guido Vogels on the topic of the psychology of the mind in order to assist us all to stress less. The second discussion night was led by Vicky Burrows on the topic of prison ministry.

Allan De Brincat, the state representative for YCW said that “After hearing the personal story of the presenter Vicky Burrows, my outlook on prison ministry was changed. We learnt that the people inside the prisons have hopes, dreams and families, but one mistake caused them to be incarcerated . . . . . . After this presentation I felt compelled to do what I could to assist those that were seeking help.”

The annual International appeal for YCW was held on the 29th of March and raised money for the work that YCW does around the world.  Perth YCW worker Ashley Carvalho said that “Perth YCW supports the work that International YCW does because it has continued to spread the Cardijn message across the world and we want to play our part to ensure that this message continues to be spread.”

YCW members have continued to participate in volunteering initiatives, including volunteering at Shopfront, providing refugee assistance and cleaning plaques in preparation of Anzac day.

Having recently elected a new YCW President, Mario Garbin, as well as welcomed other key YCW members onto the Perth executive team, Perth YCW executive members are excited to see how their “efforts have helped the promising expansion of the YCW movement in Perth,” as Mr Garbin said.

The Perth YCW community is excited for what the rest of the year will bring. With plans to create a YCW presence at Curtin University and further in the northern suburbs of Perth the see,judge, act methodology will be shared amongst more people. Perth YCW also intends to put mercy into action by assisting in the area of prison ministry in the future as well as exploring volunteering initiatives in the area of refugee assistance.

If you are interested in getting involved with Young Christian Workers in Perth or would like to know more then contact us at perth@ycw.org.au or Ashley.carvalho@ycw.org.au

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