Young Workers Treated Poorly, Fear Being Ripped Off: ACTU

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Many young workers are treated poorly, receive no training and are concerned they are not being paid properly, according to research commissioned by unions.

ACTU president Ged Kearney said the survey of more than 500 workers aged 18 to 24 painted a “disturbing picture of youth ­employment’’.

Half of the employees surveyed for the ACTU by QDOS Research complained they were treated poorly by their managers, while 56 per cent said they had not ­received training.

A majority of the workers were concerned about employment conditions and whether they were being paid the correct amount. ­Almost two-thirds felt they did not have any kind of career progression. Ms Kearney used the survey ­results to renew the union movement’s push to have the federal government commit more funds to training.

“The results showed that many young working people have major concerns, including being treated badly by management, no access to training or development, and ­issues with getting regular work and pay,’’ she said.

She highlighted one finding that 65 per cent of employees said they wanted to improve their skills and professional development.

“The federal government needs to invest in young people through education and training,’’ she said.

“Employers also need to be held responsible for paying young ­people the right wages, their penalty rates, super and providing ­adequate on-the-job training.”

Almost 70 per cent of the workers surveyed said they did not have a problem in relation to being ­unfairly sacked. However, 13 per cent regarded unfair dismissal as a big problem.

More than two-thirds of ­employees questioned said they did not have a problem being paid their correct superannuation ­entitlements, although about one-quarter felt it was an issue.

Rostering issues were also ­regarded as a problem by a majority of the workers.


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