Australian Young Christian Workers

We are a movement run FOR, BY, and WITH young people. We strive to SERVE, EDUCATE, and REPRESENT young people by empowering them to be the change they want to be in their lives, communities, and the world; based on their VALUES, BELIEFS, and FAITH.

Joseph Cardijn founded the YCW in Brussels in 1912, a movement which included young people from all walks of life; empowering them to take positive Action in their lives and community. This movement later spread throughout the world in 1957 and officially became an International Movement following its first World Council in Rome, Italy.

Today the YCW is an active movement in more than fifty countries, all aiming for the cumulative effort to encourage and support democracy and participation of all young workers in the decision making process of their inner and outer lives. The Young Christian Workers believes that each young person is able to assume responsibility for finding solutions to their situations at a local, national, and international level; to create a better world for all young workers using the SEE, JUDGE, ACT method.

The SEE, JUDGE, ACT method is a simple nine-question formula designed to help us bring awareness to our immediate situation either on a micro or macro level, and to take Action in light of our REALITY and FAITH.



-What exactly is happening?

-What effect is this having on people? (consequences)

-Why is this happening? (causes)


-What do you think about all of this?

-What do you think should be happening?

-What does your faith say about this?


-What exactly is it that you want to change? (long-term goal)

-What Action are you going to take right now? (short-term goal)

-Who can you involve to help you in your Action?

Using this method, young people in YCW groups are encouraged and supported in Actions to tackle problems they may face in their inner and outer community.

For more information, please get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via our Website.


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